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I don’t think I wrote anything for June.

Actually I don’t care if it’s Canada Day.  It’s the first dreary Canada Day, I experienced. It rains. It’s gray. It’s not warm and hot, which I prefer.  Anyhow have to get our place ready because a UCLA filmmaker and his wife—we all went to UCLA film school together—will visit I and Mark this coming weekend.  I have to clean more today. I look forward to their visit. Many of friends do not visit me in Canada.

I have been writing things.  Enclosed are some pieces I wrote about recently: #1  is about a dream I had this week. #2 is about US policies, what I think about them. #3 is about my bike which was stolen this Saturday night, June 26.

 #1. A positive Dream – June 30 10

I don’t dream many positive dreams, but last night I dreamed a positive dream.

Remember I went to a room, a dormitory like room and people were sleeping in beds or getting up in the morning. I came upon a guy who looked like Brad Pitt or maybe it was Brad Pitt with his wife who had dark hair.  They were a couple. She did not say much to me but he did. He was an actor in my Graffiti video.  This Brad Pitt guy had a very nice personality.  After I visited briefly with them, I went walking around the place to explore it. I saw a lot of art happenings, exhibitions. Just lots.  I luved it.  I wanted to view all of it. I was there with a bunch of people.  I felt very happy to be in that atmosphere.

Then I tried to get to a bath somewhere. Someone else’s bathroom paraphernalia surrounded the bath tub top.  The door to the left opened to a school type situation where desks and people sat in them, a class room scene. I got dressed, walked over to sit behind a desk to talk to someone in the class room.

Next scene I was in traffic on my bike. I tried to reach an intersection and I had a hard time to reach that intersection that was very busy where buses and semi trucks drove on a highway.  As I biked when the light turned green I rode off with other bicyclists. One guy was from UCLA film school, a tall Mexican filmmaker. As I rode, I noticed the landscape. It looked desert like with red rocks and sand. I saw the moon rise to the left behind the red butts.  Colors were red and purple.   A small town was located in the desert. I viewed bits of it. The landscape was the high desert landscape of Arizona, Utah or New Mexico.  I said to the person I was travelling with: “I wish we didn’t have to go. Wish we could stay here.”  We had to go.  Then the scene switched back to the bike ride with the Mexican filmmaker guy. I asked him as we rode, how long did it take you to travel the distance of 120 miles? Because he said he travelled from Phoenix to Flagstaff.  He didn’t answer me.  He moved so fast and was way down the road on the dirt path. He crossed a hand built bridge to get to the dirt path.  He took a short cut down a hill as other people followed.  At first I wasn’t going to take that path but he did and other people. So I waited in line among little kids to get on that small bridge to cross to the dirt path.

The dream was a very happy dream, very nostalgic for places I grew up in or travelled to.  Now I know how the Dine’ people felt when they were herded by the U.S. military to a far away place from their homeland called Fort Summner in 1864.  Most likely people  cried when they were taken away or they dreamed about getting out of the fort which had prison like conditions.  Images entered their brain about the landscape where they came from and how they missed their familiar landscape. They dreamed about leaving. Canadians here do not know this landscape or people, except the ones who visit down south in northeastern AZ, southwestern Utah and northwestern New Mexico.  I haven’t visited this landscape in 7 years which is a long time for me. This dream had something to do with my love to travel in a very spontaneous fashion, which is the way I like to travel, since I was 19 years old.  It’s planned but not planned. I just go and see it where it takes me.  It’s a feeling literally mixed with intuition connected to it all. Thirdly, I luv being among people who are artistic but who act positive.  I dislike negativity among artistic people which I have witnessed lately.  I wish for an improved artistic city.  Over all it seems like I want to leave here or get away, something like that.

#2 – June 22, 10

Lately it has been hard to pay attention and write in my blog to describe what’s goin on in my life but work comes first. Although,  the final report for The Graffiti was  very hard and time consuming, I FINISHED The Graffiti report June 18 10! I’m so happy about it!  Once I expressed that in this blog, a  very positive aspect about myself is that I COMPLETE AND FINISH PROJECTS NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT THEY ARE.   I know some people give up on projects and ideas.  If something means a lot to me, I try not to give up.  That was why I missed writing something for June 2010. I hope the report will be approved.  I gave it my all  to do it, but I felt glad I did it.

This June 2010 has been cold and hot at the same time. Literally this June is so unlike last year’s, which was hot.  Remember going to the beach by May 17th. This year I haven’t gone at all but at the same time this final report paper work took up a lot of my time and kept me indoors. I had to finish it.

So I have lived in Vancouver BC for about 9-10 years and this year I did not view any publicity about Indigenous Day in Canada almost every where, where I thought I might find it such as on television; for example, “Stuff to do.”  Hardly anyone knows the day exist. I do not understand it. Was disappointed about it.

Attended World Poetry and AWC Proudly Present a Tribute to our beloved World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: First Nations Vera Manuel and a special Celebration of First Nations. It was good.

June 21, 7 pm, Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia St, Alma and Pete Rooms.

Tribute to Vera Manuel featuring her video poem Survivor and her poetry

-Poems to Vera and celebration by: Joanne Arnott, Arlene Bowman, Michelle Sylliboy, Patricia Downey and others.

-Brief comments by other World Poetry Life Time Achievement Award Winners.

-Musicians: Wayne Lavallee and Mark J. McLeod. Friendship dance.

Ariadne Sawyer, MA

Peak Performance Plus

Check out our new AS program


I miss where I come from.


I finally found an article about a Native American tribe, Pointe Aux Chenes who were affected by the oil spill in Louisiana.  It’s the first time I have noticed this in the news.  They cannot even obtain help from the state of Louisiana.  Sad.  This article appeared in Indigenous Environmental Network newsletter website.


I am glad summer arrived, the hotter weather and the longer days, but all I view about the world, is that the world and the United States, especially about the oil spill off Louisiana and the Arizona Immigration law, are the most negative aspects ever witnessed in a long time. In regards to the oil spill that happened off the coast of Louisiana, oil corporations think only about themselves and their greed for money.  They do not care about how their stupid spill affects the environment and animals.  I have observed and experienced first hand the attitude that executives display from corporations for example BP, CEO Hayward when he was questioned by the US Congress.  Once long ago in Los Angeles when I first arrived during 1976 or 1977, the Indigenous people involved in the film/television industry called the executives of the major studios into a question/answer in downtown Los Angeles to ask why they did not hire more Indigenous actors in screenplays and television shows.  The men in the suits from the major studios showed up.  Instead of being sincere and straight forward, they laughed at the questions, made fun of the Indigenous people and mostly avoided to answer the questions.  They did not have any intention to seriously answer the inquiry into the issues. Hayward evaded the questions just like those executives from the major studios. I know he rehearsed what he might be asked, how he will answer with his peers or lawyer, men in suits.  To witness this display was also reminiscent of Ronald Reagan and his I can’t remember remarks about the Iran Contra affair when he was questioned by Iran-contra special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh.  That LA Hollywood question/answer of the major studio executives and Ronald Reagan, ex-President of the United States opened my eyes about people who run corporations or large organizations.  These people do not care.  It is all egotism: into ME, ME AND ME. The world is run by such people. So sad.

Then I read today in Common Dreams that federal Judge Martin Feldman from Louisiana turned against Obama’s moratorium on oil drilling because the judge invests in the oil industry.  I thought, the state of Louisiana reminds me of Arizona.  Those higher ups are so twisted in their point of view about the world and people. Now Louisiana acts redneck like Arizona.  And I’m from Arizona!


#3 – Stolen bike – June 27 10

How does a person write about it, when a bike gets stolen? Start out positive and then end happy like in a Hollywood mainstream movie which is what some of those movie moguls want a lot for their film endings. It happened last night maybe between 10:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. or 12 a.m.-6:00 a.m.

A dramatic feature film was made about my story and other peoples’ stories when a bike gets stolen called The Bicycle Thief. Bicycle Thief was released in 1948. Screenplay was written by Vittorio De Sica, Cesare Zavattini, Suso Cecchi D’Amico, Gerardo Guerrieri, Oreste Biancoli and Adolfo Franci. Vittorio De Sica directed it. Film was produced by Giuseppe Amato. I luved it. Film was made under the neo realist film movement, one of my favorite film periods. Italian filmmakers really made some good film stories.

Mark told me the negative news early Sunday morning June 27 10, while I was still asleep about the stolen bike. I looked at the time generally after awhile because I could not sleep. Clock said generally, 7:30 a.m. Mark became mad about the bike being stolen. I was too but the bike was old. It had only one brake to brake. The back wheel was warped. I could hear it squeal each time the wheel rotated. It was lumpy as it moved.

On June 26 around 8:30 p.m. I rode my bike to Senator Reid park, a park close by to get my legs exercised. I saw some cotton tails, familiar ones I see when I visit the park. I try to take pictures of cotton tails, a goal of mine because I have not taken a descent picture of a cotton tail in a long time. I kept chasing one for a picture. It ran to where there was a tree and another rabbit lounged underneath the tree.  He/she ate green leaves from the grass. So there were 2. I sat on the grass with my camera. It about 9:10 p.m., near sunset at the time. The light was getting darker and darker. I was not afraid to be in the park at that time by myself. It is a very small park for one thing. A little light was still out. Rabbit 1 sat on the left side and Rabbit 2 sat to the right of me. They both looked at me as I tried to take pictures, but suddenly my camera went out. Batteries dead: Change batteries it said. Okay. So I said good night to the rabbits. The 2 rabbits I felt were talking to me. I felt we had a connection with each other. We held a conference together. They did not run a way. They stared at me and were not afraid of me. So I came home.

Finished watching a film on tv which I first saw as a new release at the Cineplex Odeon in Vanc during January 05 or 06. I remember liking it a lot. During an interlude in the film, walked briefly outside. Sure enough as I walked onto the steps I viewed moon light on the steps. Looked at the southeast sky and saw the moon and clouds. I knew the moon would be out because I saw the moon previously 2 nights before, but the moon was not full moon as Saturday night. I figured if I want to take pics of the moon to get charged up batteries since they were out.

So I looked around and found some charged up batteries. Reinstalled them in the camera, screwed the camera into my tripod and went out side about 11 – 11:30 p,m. to take pictures of the moon. I took a minute video of the moon and still shots of the moon. I felt the pictures were going to be good. Inside a person knows when something is good. The pictures were definitely good because I saw them on the computer Sunday morning as I viewed to edit them: delete or keep. I make lists like that. Usually I make big pictures and create additional small pictures for the blog and internet.

I do not know who took my bike. Normally I do not park in the yard but it was parked there. I developed a good habit of bringing my bike onto the porch which is probably why in the past it was not stolen. Only lived here about a year and a month. This neighborhood looks like a picture postcard place, but underneath negative elements happen. My vw bus tire once was knifed. Could not believe that happened because it was very expensive to fix. I hope it does not happen again. This bike was 5 years old. It had to be repaired to work better. I planned to fix it up. It cost money to fix it up. This time I was not as devastated about the bike getting stolen. I depend upon it to get around here. I biked all the way to the Surrey SPCA on the 60 Ave route which took about l/2 hour or less. If the bike was newly bought, my feelings would be different. I would have been devastated. I have had bikes stolen before. I have cried over stolen bikes. It was my property; yet people do such things although a bike is old!


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