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Picture to left is a marsh land near Centennial Beach at Boundary Bay.

I am surprised that things seem to be rolling out in a positive fashion which I am in disbelief of in a way, but I think people deserve to receive some kind of positiveness in their lives.

Shot a lot of pictures of Ron and Queenae’s visit and my birthday but will upload them later.

On the day Ron and Queenae arrived to visit, friends of mine who went to UCLA film school with me during the early and mid-80’s, Mark spotted my bike being walked by three youth in the neighborhood.  One youth said he found the bike in a ditch.  I gave them the bike my co worker friend at Surrey SPCA gave me for free, an older bike  to toss out.  I hope she doesn’t mind. I planned to let her know this last week but she didn’t come into the adoption this last week. I picked up the bike she described on the previous Wednesday, July 7th when I told her the news that my bike got stolen.  She was very kind of about it to mention that she had a bike and was going to throw it out. She said, if I wanted, I could check it out and take it for free. So I checked it out. I liked it. It is better than nothing to have a bike than not.  As I said in my blog, my bike was stolen on the full moon, July 3rd after ll p.m. I don’t know who did it.  Usually we can hear the gate in the back make a loud click when it closes.  That night who ever took it from our yard, on purpose this person knew to close the gate quiet. Therefore, we didn’t hear it.

The youth didn’t seem to mind when I exchanged the bikes.  It happened right when Ron and Queenae stood in our porch and observed the scene.  Mark said it was magic, the right vibes.  That never happened with any stolen bike I owned that I would receive my bike back, but it can happen, huh? This stolen bike had a happy ending.


Picture below is Semiahmoo First Nation Beach

It was fun to have friends from the U.S. visit me July 4th and 5th, but it is rare for friends to visit me in Surrey-Vancouver BC.  Only two other people have visited me here, a friend who lives in Portland, Oregon.  Another person whom I use to know in Phoenix, Arizona, but she now lives in Montana visited me during 1999-2000.  I do not have many close real friends in Vancouver-Surrey. Most of my friends are located in the U.S.  I only have three friends in Vancouver I know and visit here and there.  We do not visit each other often.  I have tried to be friends with Canadian people but they are difficult to know.  They like to keep to themselves.  I am learning to accept that I will never get to know many close friends in Vancouver after 12 years.  I have given up because I have really tried so that is the way it goes. It is a lot of effort to try.  A person can only try.

I took Ron and Queenae to nature spots around here: Serpentine Wild Life Sanctuary, Semiahmoo First Nation beach near White Rock and Centennial Beach at Boundary Bay.  These places are located near by.

We talked about what we were doing and what they would like to do in film and video.  Ron made a 35mm feature film which played at Montreal Film Festival. He liked that film festival in Canada. He said that festival gave him a break for his feature film. A review of his film was written up in Variety.

He said most of our friends teach now as way to make a living.  Mr. Richard Hawkins attended Teshome’s funeral. He taught Non-Western Film class at UCLA when I attended.  So Mr. Hawkins is still around. He was my advisor. Queenae said, to be in film/video is very hard.  I said to her, Yep it is.

For those beaches and the wild life sanctuary we had to drive fast to get to the places, especially on Monday.  We made it.  It seemed like Ron and Queenae broke the spell of the cold/gray weather in June because on the day we took them to Semiahmoo beach, the sun came out and it has been hot/very warm ever since. It’s a real summer now! They had to drive back late on Monday afternoon. They made it safely home which is good.

They met Mark. They liked Mark and Mark liked them.  They liked the nature scenery spots a lot.  Queenae said I should be blessed to live here. Ron and Queenae only know the sunny days and not the gray/rain/cold days, 10 out of 12 months here.

Friends I know I rate them to be the greatest in the world.


This last Monday was my birthday.  I had a fun day that day too.

This picture was shot on the Fraser River near Mission BC.


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