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I said I would upload more photos from Ron’s and Queenae’s visit and the visit to Matsqui Regional Park near Mission BC but I shall see about that.

Have to get my car fixed.  To get that done this morning was cancelled.  May do it this afternoon or next week sometime.

I have to type in information for another paper that has to be handed in as soon as possible.  It’s almost done.  Paper work coming out of my ears, even though I’m a turtle about it, I get it done!

It’s another real warm, hot day I like a lot.  I don’t look forward to the changing of the season to Fall, which happens early here because IT IS THE NORTH.   This summer didn’t have enough warm, hot days.  Mark says the summer acts like the Spring season because the weather gets cold and then hot.  Sun breaks happen, meaning, a person can see blue skies.  The sun comes out. IT GETS REAL HOT!  I luv it but I know the majority of Canadians who live here do not like it,  which is a typical Canadian reaction to hot weather here.  I grew up in the Sonoran Desert. The Dine’ land or Navajo Rez is located in northeastern AZ, northwestern New Mex, and southeastern Utah, which is the high desert.  It is not as hot as Phoenix.  It is a lot drier in the summer time.  It can be hot during the day on the Navajo Rez—kind of like Kamloops BC.  I mean get as high as 100-103 farenheit degrees, but that’s it about.  At night it cools off a lot, but in Phoenix  and Las Vegas the nights do not really cool off except during the month of June in Phoenix it cools off.   July and August in Phoenix becomes muggy, humid like because the moonsoon weather moves in.  Nights are very hot. This weather comes up from Mexico.  LA can get very hot, humid and muggy as well during July and August, but the places located near the ocean like Santa Monica and Venice definitely stay cooler,  but still is humid. Hollywood and Encino definitely were cookers.  I use to live in Hollywood so I know.


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