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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Last Tuesday, July 27,  Mark and I hiked to Surrey Bend Regional Park in North Surrey and 104 Avenue, which is 15 miles from where we live.  It didn’t seem to take long to get there.  We left right after I finished my volunteer cat care at the Surrey SPCA.  We arrived around 2 p.m. in the hot afternoon.  There wasn’t a parking spot at the park so I parked near a pulp mill.  At first I was hesitant to park around there fearing my VW bus might get broken into.  Other cars have been broken into.

We walked an hour or less to the Fraser River. At first the walk was flat.

On the way, we saw an osprey or black and white hawk circling above.  I felt she/he literally checked each of us out.  She/he first circled around Mark and then she circled around me.  She/he made cries or calls to each of us.  I could hear her/him.  I said to her/him, hey hello. Then she/he flew a way.

There was a turn off.  Mark waited there.  This turn off took us into high grasses where we walked for about a half an hour.  They were thick.  I couldn’t believe it.  They hurt and made my skin itch.  My skin is sensitive to grasses and weeds. I get welts if I lay in grass.

I didn’t think the high grasses would end but they did. Mark called it, we walked in Vietnam.

I could see flies circling around the grasses.  At first I thought they would be a problem, but they weren’t.

Could hear people talk from across the river at the pulp mill.  Their voices carried over.

Not anyone was around the whole day until evening time when people emerged. I think the day was too hot for people to walk in, but it wasn’t for us.

I started to walk around the edge of the river and felt the river mud. I thought it would be very mushy, but it wasn’t.  The mud was hard. I stood on top of a hard thing and could feel it. It thought it was a buried boat.

It made Mark curious so he came into the river to find out what it was and then he started to walk across the river.  The water came up his hip.  He walked to a sand bar island in the middle of the river.  He stood on it and observed the view from it for a while.  I started to walk across the river to see if I could do it, but I didn’t know if the river bottom was hard enough to hold steady.  It felt soft and mushy.  I said, I don’t know.  I said, Come and get me.  He walked right away into the river and held my hand.  I brought my camera with me. I held the camera  high over the water. We made it. I was scared at first to walk over, but it was okay.  The river wasn’t cold.  The river didn’t have strong currents. I am not a strong swimmer but Mark is a strong swimmer. Mark once told me long ago in his youth,  he swam from Amble Side half way across to Stanley Park with another guy.  They almost made it but they turned back to Amble Side because they saw a huge ship coming their way.

I kind of felt the tide was going to come in.  The sand bar was going to disappear, but Mark didn’t believe me.  So I didn’t talk too much. I took a lot of pictures of the sand bar and the river.

It was the most fun of the whole adventure because it happened very spontaneous.  I do not like things too planned.

Mostly I like isolated nature areas.  I don’t like to be around a lot of people. I prefer to be alone.

It was perfect.  At first it didn’t feel perfect because my skin itched and I thought I might have caught poison oak.  I told Mark I get poison oak very bad.  Little paranoid about it. I said, If I get it, I’ll see it tomorrow.  I took the river mud and smeared it on my arms and legs. It made my skin feel better. Luckily it didn’t show up the next morning. So glad.

We left around 7:30 p.m. or 8 p.m. or so.  I kept falling down in the grass in return to the bus.

As I looked at my pictures, I saw many pictures that looked good, which made me very happy.

Surrey Bend Regional Park was a pretty park.

This year’s July something’s good about it.  We went on many nature outings.  I luv to look at birds, flowers, the skies, trees. I like to view places where I haven’t been to.