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Monthly Archives: October 2010

It’s Halloween today!  I read about it.  It’s a Celtic hoiiday and mostly celebrated in North America and the United Kingdom.

Always have celebrated it  since I was a kid. As people get older they dress in “costumes” and attend parties.  I’ve been to some really interesting looking parties in LA where I experienced the  “far out” ideas for clothing and dress up.  People go all the way.  I don’t get to experience it  here because people do not invite me to parties.  If ever I stay here  long enough, I will put on my own party and do it that way.   That’ll be the only way I can duplicate the LA Halloween experience.  So last night I created my own party.

Remember, I’m not a Canadian.  I’m not from here.  I’m from the US. I’m an indigenous person, Dine.’

Yesterday I took the picture of Ninja Pants, our black cat which a symbol of Halloween.  I put on the make up last night.


This is one of my posters for the Amiens Film Festival which I made so far.  I will make more and post them up until I have to leave for the film festival. Will ship one of these posters to Amiens Festival this week. I look forward to attend.

Almost done with a few of the last things I have to work on for the film festival. Finished writing up the script dialogue for it so that the English can be translated into French.  I was glued to the computer for about a week for that. Lot of work.  Keep you posted about the progress.  I know I will take pictures of the Festival so it really may work better afterwards when I can post the pictures I’ve taken.

What have I done besides this?  I took flamenco dance class in downtown Vancouver, the downtown East Side on Tuesday afternoon after I volunteered at the Surrey SPCA Cat Care.  Flamenco dance class was free. The teacher was good. I have taken flamenco dance class before, but hadn’t taken a dance class for a couple of years.  Dance classes are expensive. I usually take them when they cost about $5.00 or so. I don’t have the money to take constant dance classes, although I wish I could because it makes me feel happy. In previous years such as in 08 and 07 I took  jazz, Afro jazz classes and salsa dance classes in Vancouver such as from the Round House and the Wise Hall.

So this is a happening Fall 2010 for me, which hasn’t been like this in a million years.  It is very much creative.  Thank you Creator.

Creator:  help out the people who have mental/physical and financial problems in their lives.  I pray for a better improved environment, for the animals and all living things who may become endangered, and hope that people will open their minds to the world of men and women and people of color so we can have better understanding about the world of people. Indigenous peoples of world are really ignored.  Someday our stories will not be ignored.  People will listen and hear us. It has to be better than these present times where and when the world is in turmoil.