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It’s Halloween today!  I read about it.  It’s a Celtic hoiiday and mostly celebrated in North America and the United Kingdom.

Always have celebrated it  since I was a kid. As people get older they dress in “costumes” and attend parties.  I’ve been to some really interesting looking parties in LA where I experienced the  “far out” ideas for clothing and dress up.  People go all the way.  I don’t get to experience it  here because people do not invite me to parties.  If ever I stay here  long enough, I will put on my own party and do it that way.   That’ll be the only way I can duplicate the LA Halloween experience.  So last night I created my own party.

Remember, I’m not a Canadian.  I’m not from here.  I’m from the US. I’m an indigenous person, Dine.’

Yesterday I took the picture of Ninja Pants, our black cat which a symbol of Halloween.  I put on the make up last night.


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