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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ninja Pants, our 12 year old cat and a favorite.  I’ve never liked a female cat before in my life. Always had male cats to like a lot.  My family grew up with cats.

I have yet to go through and find the good still photos of Paris and Amiens.  Will do that and get it done.

I know I have not written in my blog a lot in the last six months.  Ever since I returned from traveling to France to show the Graffiti along with other North American Indigenous filmmakers in November 2010, I have been catching up with my life to repair my home life really.  There are things to fix.

In the mean time I still take still photos because I like to do it.

Also, I watch dvd films.  I constantly view films when I can because I am a film and video buff.  Also, this is my field. What do you expect?  I imagine some filmmakers are not like me. Do not even watch films or videos.  At the same time if the public has the impression my life totally centers around viewing films and videos,  the impression is inaccurate.  I bike constantly, my mode of transportation to get around literally. Sometimes distances are long.  Lately I take a modern dance class, a beginning modern dance which incorporates other dance such as latin dance, the cha cha, cha and some Afro dance.  The teacher uses old school 70’s disco, funk music to dance to.  Of all music,  Michael Jackson songs too! Luv that.  I already told the teacher that I liked her taste for the music accompanient.  Not all the time do I express that because most people do not play such music.  Usually boring in my p.o.v. so I had to let her know. Luv it.

The latest film I watched last night was a Japanese black and white film“Crazed Fruit” released in 1956 “by Ko Kakahira.”  What does “a film by” mean really?  On the front dvd cover it stated “a film by Ko Hakahira.” He only directed it.  For me “a film by” means to literally direct, write and produce a film or video.   Screenplay and original story written by Shintaro Ishihara.  The story centered around two brothers, older brother,  Natsuhisa played by Yujiro Ishihara and Huruji played by Masahiko Tsugawa who liked a single woman, Eri played by Mie Kitahara.  The brothers had very different personalities.  I tended to like the younger brother who criticized his big brother’s juvenile thinking, immature friends saying  what they did all day was boring, play cards and things like that.  I felt as he felt towards life. I do not get into card playing like him.  Not my style. He liked a woman that he saw at the train station. It turns out that this the same woman he views who has trouble swimming in water by herself, but this scene turns outs okay.  This is how they meet by accident.  He likes her.  She likes him.  All this time, the brother chides and puts down his taste in women.  The younger brother brings her to his older brother’s party and friends. Older brother and all his friends  notice him, especially his girlfriend.  She is the catch for all the guys who put her on a pedestal, grade scale of women.  The older brother wants to move into his brother’s girlfriend’s territory. Older brother wins her over and actually succeeds at it awhile.  The woman goes with two brothers at the same time at a certain point. The younger brother does not know what goes on.  He only views a strange jealous behavior from his brother. The younger brother is so naive he cannot detect why his brother gets cranky at him without reason.

The woman admits to the older brother she is married to a Caucasian man.  He sees her with from time to time.  She says she plays around because she wants to. The older brother more and more controls and dominates her.  She goes for it.  The younger brother and her plan a camping trip together for a few days.  There comes a time when she writes to the younger brother and tells him to plan the camping trip earlier because she cannot make it.  The older brother opens a letter, which he is not suppose to do, but does because the letter is directed towards his younger brother. Older brother reads it. He responds by tearing the letter and does not throw it away.  The letter lays displayed on the table.  Older brother meets the woman for the camping trip.  Eventually the younger brother finds out the information, what happens. He quickly heads out on his motor boat and hunts the couple down.  He travels far. In fact he travels so far away that he has to sleep somewhere on an island so he will not to fall asleep at the wheel.  The next morning, he starts to look again.  He sees a lonely sail boat.  It is them.  So he circles them slowly.  Keeps circling until he and the motor boat make smaller circles. The woman jumps out of the sail boat into the water because she thinks the younger brother will stop and pick her up.  Instead the younger brother circles the motor boat, heads straight towards her and runs over her. In the last circle he creams right ahead into the sail boat with his older brother and kills him. The younger brother heads out alive into the ocean alone in his motor boat.

In a way the story is predictable because I have heard stories about couples and people who murder each other over women or men. Some men and women do not care and are not careful. It is my belief that eventually such behavior catches up with a person.  Never know what kind of person a person will meet, if a protagonist meets a psycho path antagonist or not. If a person is psychopathic, to get out of there fast! Yet at the same time, I did not think the younger brother was going to behave like a psycho path, murder someone over a woman because his nature in the beginning was more fair minded, actually more mature as a younger guy than the older brother, which was the complete opposite of his older brother, very unexpected like.

After I viewed the dvd, I noticed that the opening scene visually matched the ending scene.  A little foreshadowing of what was to follow: the lonely moon lit ocean night when Huruji searched day and night with his motor boat and found the couple, Eri and Natsuhisa.

Other than the story, I liked the cinematography.

I liked viewing the 50’s style of the Japanese youth, a real 50’s style in Japan I have not viewed much in Japanese cinema.  The guys wore Elvis Presley duck tail hairstyles. The women wore dresses with narrow waists and fluffy skirts with many petti coats, the way it was before the Beatles. I was a teenager of fourteen when the Beatles first became famous on the Ed Sullivan show. The same year when the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, I adopted the straight haired look of the hippies, the counter culture.  That look looked better on me.  At thirteen and fourteen in elementary and high school before the Beatles, I remember women wore the teased up hair style look.  After the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, the look of the teenage culture literally changed over night.  No more 50’s look again as far as I was concerned although there were some people who followed that fashion.