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Watched a film on dvd, the White Dove, 1960, by Frantisek Vlacil, a Czech filmmaker.  What a filmmaker.  Luved his stuff. I saw 2 of his. White Dove had great cinematography  just out of this world.  Have to see his stuff.  Wow.  I saw this other one called Father and Son, 2003, a Russian filmmaker, Alexander Sokuruv. Similar. There wasn’t any great climax typical of many films with climaxes, the monster gets killed.   All these styles and films validate what I did with the Graffiti. It didn’t have that grand climax either.  It wasn’t liked as much because it didn’t have it. It’s expected with most films to have that.  American audiences or should I say North American audiences expect a lot of action and a lot of typicalness.  Now I understand the dislike.  When I understand, I am  less anxious and angry.  These 2 filmmakers didn’t have that, too; yet they screened at Cannes, well at least the Russian filmmaker did.   If I hadn’t seen those 2 films, their styles of filmmaking, I think I would’ve felt lost for a long time, but now I know.   That’s all.  So it’s good to look at various movies. I find my answers there.  Far far with the Europeans  I view from the 60’s I share a commonality  of film-video aesthetics with them.  I see the world, write and shoot with the camera in a similar way. Just saw La Strada again.  I luved it too.  Not many happy endings for me but it’s cool.

Mark and I biked today near Elgin Park. We sat in the sun near a swampy river in White Rock.

I really luv my modern dance class that meets every Wednesday morning in Vancouver. I will try to obtain permission to shoot it. The modern dance class creates a lot of meaning for me in my life a lot.

Michael Jackson sings and plays on the internet radio. I move to the beat of his song as I work on my blog, a tune which is very danceable.


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