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The modern dance class brought me up today.  It’s good.  I asked the instructor of the class if I could videotape in the future a dance I choreographed as a duet. She said yes. Glad. I asked if we might have a gathering for the dance class after it’s finished in July. I said I’d help organize.  She said yeah.  I felt glad.

Had lunch at the Women’s Centre, a Spring lunch it said.

Obtained 5 dvds at the Central Library which I watch each week.  This last time, Germany Year Zero, 1947, a feature drama written by Roberto Rossellini, Carlo Lizzani and  Max Kolpe was the best of 5.  Film – black and white  and neo realist.  Just never know how a film will turn out to be. Saw 2 books,  The True Story of Jac Holzman’s Visionary Record Label, Elektra by Mick Houghton and Roman Polanski: A Life in Exile by  Julia Ain-Krupa.  Elektra signed the Doors.

I made the skytrain before 3 p.m.  Crowded.  With the newer skytrains room is roomier and ride is smoother.  Old cars are bumpier and throw me around on curves with the bike.  Old skytrain cars feel crammed.  A blonde woman about 26-30 years old walked in with her boyfriend. I had to stand with my bike on the skytrain.  Sometimes at that hour not many people ride the skytrain.  There’s room to sit with the bike.  This time I couldn’t. I stood in various ways and moved my bike to get out of the way of people.  Unusually crowded.  At New West Minister, a young guy had to get out.  The cable for his headset caught on my bike handle.  I moved it aside so that he didn’t have to ruin his cable. It worked out fast.  I said, did it.  Then I decided to sit down.  I knew the blonde woman was saying something about me. She whispered in his ear and laughed a little. I caught her in the act. I looked at her, stared at her and her boyfriend very hard.  They stared at me, but then they quit staring at me. They said nothing to me.  She looked away.  She couldn’t look at me straight in the eye.  I lasted longer without flinching.  I have done that to kids who stare too much at me when they don’t need to.  Young kids turn their gaze away from me.  My silent way to combat a person who makes fun of me or who dislikes what they see.  I do not know why this woman did that.  Smelled of racism though.  Has that happened to you ever?  I asked my partner that question ever in his life, has it happened. He said no. People coil up.  Cannot take being stared at. Why do people make fun of people?  Because they want to appear superior.  Even at my age of 62 this happens?  Can you believe that?  Definitely I am a person of color with my dark brown skin.

It reminds me of the students at California State University at Long Beach. They wrote a racist article about Native people and the Pow Wow. It happened in early April. However it was not beautiful at all.

So that’s what I meant when I said, the modern dance class brought me up.  I do real well in class. Even the teacher says so.  When I go into the class, all the ugliness of the world disappears.  I do not feel it. My films and videos will change the world is how I’ll combat racism, too.


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