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You know what I think about it.  Anyone who knows me would know. Think it’s very IMMATURE , NOT VERY INTELLIGENT, the most strangest, wierdest INSULTING thing I ever heard to call a raid GERONIMO when the U.S. military killed Obama Bin Laden.  Why did the U.S. military do that?  WHAT?

I am getting tired of it to complain but I think the higher ups would like me to give up.  That’s what they did long ago, want us to give up for colonizing us where we first lived the land, cultures and languages.  But I won’t.

Yes Geronimo was one of our heroes, my hero because he RESISTED AGAINST COLONIZATION from people who came over to the “New World” to control, take our resources such as uranium, then dispense with it and give Indigenous people cancer.  One example. THIS STILL HAPPENS.  Some uranium companies such as Canadian mining company called Dennison will mine uranium in Arizona, the Grand Canyon.  Also, America created it so no information gets out about Native Americans, which I feel is purposeful.  Therefore the mass public will not get educated about Native Americans. Easier to manipulate the public who is dumbified.  Ignore and not educate is the way to produce stereotypes. Indirectly this applies to stereotypes in film-videomaking. There are MANY EXAMPLES throughout the AMERICAS.

I would like to attend that meeting tomorrow about Native icons and stereotypes in the U.S. Washington D.C. about Native Americans, but I can’t. It’s a wish. I read that the Pentagon made no comment about this.

No respect.  Talk about RESPECT, as Aretha Franklin sang in the song. I don’t know. I just don’t know.


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