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Leaves are no longer dry and brown, but the Spring is still very cold.

Just thinking about the Geronimo code name. I spoke with a friend at SPCA Surrey about the issue.  She said it starts at the top with education to educate people not to use such names as with this code name.  I bet those US Pentagon guys are my age about 63 years old but I bet they are without any awareness as to why they use the name Geronimo as a code name for the Bin Laden raid.  I read somewhere else, where this person was trying to dissuade me by saying it was not Geronimo the name being used.  This gets intensified because Native Americans have been fighting against the use of the mascot with sports icons and teams. I don’t  want to be identified like that.  This is my culture of the Indigenous of North America.  If this happened with any other dominant people of color, it would not happen.  It has to change. I will  help to change it by doing still photos, music and films and videos. Education is the way.


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