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Read it.  It’s very good article about journalism and what’s going on now with it.  The writer who wrote the article is a news reporter.  What she writes is not a lie.  It is the truth.  I trust her.  So listen up public, television and people involved in film-video making who write stories about Indigenous people, other people of color, or topics related to issues such as uranium mining in the Grand Canyon and other topics that are not covered in the mainstream press.

Reading her article made me think that perhaps the mainstream film-television corporations might be involved in such issues as well, which is why real important topics related to Indigenous people are not covered in the mainstream news or programs. I have to say this because I observe this fact. I am a Dine’ filmmaker in the media.  This is my field. As far as I have noticed and viewed on CBS Sunday Morning News;  for example, the show has never covered anything about Native Americans in the U.S. That seems real suspect to me.  So who is on the board of CBS.  Why the ignorance or censorship of Native topics or news.  Honestly I find it appalling.  So far two letters I have written to them have not been answered about the absence of Native American topics on their show.  I asked why and why not?  Nothing.

What do schools of journalism teach their students at the universities?  It makes me wonder. As a university graduate film student at UCLA we were never instructed to create “hack filmmaking” as I call the filmmaking, which is on the same level as the parasite journalism.  I am glad.  It sounds like this goes on in the “real world.” Writers in journalism learn this outside of school.  So what do students learn in journalism at the university:  the ideals of journalism and not the real world of journalism.

I am very glad Brenda exposed this background of journalism.  It’s sad but we need to know this information.  Power to the truth.


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