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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Boston Bruins Beat Vancouver Canucks and Riot Starts in Vancouver BC

My partner and I predicted that the riot was going to happen.  We preferred that Vancouver Canucks did not win. We did not want to be fans of the Vancouver Canucks, the Canadian team for reasons. We became fans of the opposite team, Boston Bruins.    I am Dine’ First Nations from Arizona and he is a white Canadian from West Vancouver BC, a real Vancouverite.  We are both not surprised that Vancouver BC fans started another riot from losing the hockey play off.

My partner said Vancouver had a riot during 1994 when the Vancouver Canucks were beaten by the New York Rangers in the final play off.   Why do fans riot for sport games?  In my past I have viewed soccer fans riot in Europe. I thought, why do people act like that?   I truly do not follow a lot of sports but I follow a few and get into them but not as much as a true die hard fan.

I  like basketball, baseball, tennis and gymnastics.  I am an athlete some what.  Biking is the mode of transportation in the city. I  no longer own a car.  I am more of a dancer. I am not a jock.  I  love dance, jazz, modern dance and salsa better than these sports.  I watch these sports on mainstream television.

During 2002 I was not aware that the Diamond Backs made the finals against the New York Yankees.  When I found out, I followed it. I could not believe it.  On top of that, they won the World Series!   A  big deal for me.  It put Arizona on  that map.  I am from Arizona, too.

The reason I follow basketball, even though I do not play  is that I know a little about it.  In high school physical education class, we learned to play basketball.  I played softball on a girls’ softball league at Cortez High School. I follow the Phoenix Suns because they are from Phoenix, Arizona.  The games are aired here in Vancouver BC because BC likes Steve Nash.  He is a Canadian basketball player with the Suns.  The Suns made the play offs with him a few times.  Suns made the 2010 playoffs Western Conference against the Los Angeles Lakers.  Phoenix did not  riot because they lost.

Also, hockey itself is a sport that is very violent than the rest of the other sports.   I always hear from Canadians that  Americans are violent and it is true.  However, Canadians are violent too especially with hockey.  I  hardly watch hockey. I do not get into it.  In fact I make fun of it. What I have observed about it so far is that those players like to fight each other as they play the game as if it is apart of the game.  Always there is a physical fight.  I viewed a lot of fighting in the finals during the last two-three weeks with both hockey teams on Canadian CBC. Do I have to watch this I say. Some of those players end up never playing again  because the player gets badly  hurt.  Their career is gone, but do those male white owners and managers blink an eye or even question it.  I have seen a few documentaries air on the CBC about it, questioning hockey, the hockey player’s behavior to fight and what it causes it and why.  Some players are hurt and mentally damaged for the long term.  People who voice against it, ask that rules be changed to out law certain actions in the game,  but we are out numbered.  The managers and owners do not care.  It’s a mans’ world, male White machismo, North American style.  The hockey fans in Vancouver imitate the owners and managers’ point-of-view about  hockey.  That point-of-view is very immature and child like.

I have lived here in Vancouver almost ten years.  I have gotten to know Canadians, but I do not know them well.  I try to understand Canadian people but a lot of times I do not quite get them.  However, I understand them a little better than I use to.

The Economist survey, February 11, 2011, said Vancouver was the most liveable city in the world.  When I and my partner heard that, we said crock.  What was their criteria?  Outsiders and I included when I first came here, all view a good looking city which contains a skid row.  Outsiders never hear about the plea, protest and meetings which take place from people who are concerned about the lack of inexpensive cheap  housing in Vancouver.   It is a crisis  here. People who have money come into the East Side of Vancouver, build their offices, apartment buildings and businesses and gentrify that side of town.  These people drive up the prices with apartments, which drives out the low income people.   Where will they live? A lot of homeless people live in Vancouver because it is not cold compared to the rest of Canada.  The ten years I have lived in the Vancouver Regional District, I have observed rental prices go up.  A person has to be rich now to rent an apartment where it use to be not quite as expensive.  This gentrification probably happens world wide. I know in Los Angeles it has because I bet where I use to live on North Fairfax and Melrose, which verged on West Hollywood, the rentals are twice as high.  I was told by an aboriginal person from Vancouver who is aware about what goes on in Vancouver, he expressed that the Olympics hiked up prices for the locals, especially housing.  Discontent about this issue  here increases and other issues go unsolved as well.

Overall what I think is that the provincial government, the people who live here and I am not saying all of them, only some of them, do not realize that those attitudes and actions of Canadians who became angry with losing the Stanley Cup, are symptoms of underlying discontent issues which are not being talked about or addressed.  People are scared to talk about  issues but the issues must be talked about whether they are uncomfortable or not.

People forget about history for example if an incident is negative.  People do not learn from their mistakes such as the 1994 riot when Vancouver lost to the New York Rangers.  That behavior to riot to deal with loss, losing a sports game was planted,  never addressed and suggestions were not  followed since then.  I said people forget about history, but in this case people imitated history.  People remember stories from older brothers, sisters and parents about the 1994 hockey game where people rioted because the Canucks lost. When the city said they were going to put up large television screens on the streets in Vancouver so the public could view the hockey games,  my partner said, “They’re inviting trouble. Don’t invite trouble.”  Apparently the City of Vancouver and the administration do not pay attention to their history and the way hockey fans act towards each other.  Are you kidding me?!  Stanley Cup outcome: Vancouver is a poor loser, man.  Talk about the sticky issues.  No communication.  Vancouver Sun newspaper, June 16, 2011, said that Vancouver police, Chief Jim Chu blames 1″a small group of “anarchists and criminals” for starting  Vancouver’s newest Stanley Cup Riot.  2 “Many of the instigators of the riot were the same people who had tried to disrupt the 2010 Winter Olympics. ”  These statements are excuses, too broad and abstract.  What anarchists?  Even the content is not even the same.  Some people who were critical of the housing crisis of Vancouver and Aboriginal issues protested the Olympic games.  I met some of those protesters. I do not think so.  Cannot categorize people and place them with an anarchist group like that, his perception of who anarchists are?  It is very police like to blame people like that.  Police are also machismo.   I blame the riot,  Wednesday night’s outcome, Vancouver’s Canuck’s loss in hockey, to the game itself and to most of the managers and owners who manage and accept this type of gang, immature behavior to express their displeasure.  I do not accept fighting all the time to get the puck into the basket.  That is what we see, I see, a view not often voiced on mainstream local television sports news, Global Television and City Television which is ignored and skipped.

1 Vancouver Police Chief Blames Stanley Cup Riot On Anarchists. Jeff Lee, 16 June 2011.

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This photo was taken at Bob Rutledge Park.