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Monthly Archives: July 2011

My life has been up and down.  I try to be up but it is hard. What makes me happy lately is viewing nature like viewing the butterfly I thought was a butterfly.  I saw dragon flies the other day at a huge park.

I haven’t finished uploading my still photographs from this last weekend.  We just biked around locally. It is our mode of transportation.

Also I am trying to find still photographs to send into an Indigenous Writing Collective.  A short was accepted called Never Say Never.  I was happy about that.

I will upload more  pictures in the future.  Lately it is so chaotic around here.

It is difficult to survive.


Move it! & Carnival Band

Street Dance Party

Joe Ink/Joe Laughlin

& Jacci Collins

Firehall Arts Centre

(Cordova & Gore)

Dancing on the Edge is Dancing in the Street

Our final performance for the dance class that started January through June 2011 will  happen on July 9, 2011.

I loved this dance class.  I liked the style of the class a lot: the modern dance exercises we do such as moving in first, second third, fourth and fifth, plies, the exercises borrowed from ballet.  We move across the floor doing certain combinations.  We improvise dances.  I like making up dances on the spot.  It fits my style.  I have taken other dance classes before .  I like the place where we dance.  There are huge windows and natural light flows from the windows.

We made up duet dances.  Actually our teacher paired our dances up together.  The partner I danced with took a trip, but I will dance with Shelley a substitute for the duet dance. We already rehearsed our dance.  I videotaped the duet with the first partner two weeks ago.  I entered it into Possible  Futures video contest. I will get the link later on. Sorry about that.  Above pictures include I and the first partner which  Neal took for  the video duet shoot.  Also, I am taking a dance intensive this week. It will end this Friday.


July 9, 2011:  I wanted to add that I thought we were going to perform duets in addition to the dance we learned in the dance intensive for two weeks, but that’s okay.  It works out the way it works out.  I thought it was going to rain, but it isn’t.  I’m grateful a lot.  Sunny! Yeah! Whew!