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Photographs shot at Surrey Bend Regional Park, the best park I like in Vancouver Regional District.


Very sorry I have not kept up visualeye blog up to date.  I am allowed only an hour on the internet. Had to work on a letter which was very important to work on.  I sent it off June 5. It took about a month to fix up and work on it. My computer gonked during December 2011.  Mac repair man said my mother board not any good. 
Been trying to find out the link for Illegal Anger.  I thought I had it.  I think I found how to obtain it. A very kind Chinese woman showed me at a Women’s Collective in Vancouver. 
Not anything great has happened and advanced except for some small great things.  I am getting better at writing than I use to be.   
We, my partner and I took a writing class, not really a writing class, but more a spoken and written word of poems and descriptions at the City Centre Library open mic in Surrey.  The written word were poems and descriptions we wrote. It happened for three months beginning in March, but it discontinued.  It may happen in the Fall but it may not. We wrote every month about a topic: Spring, adventures, Summer Dreams. It was good practice because it forced us to write something every month and present it.  We were the die hards of the group. No one else from the previous group returned. We were the only dedicated ones who spoke the written word for the last meeting of pre summer.  
Also, I attended a recent open mic and reading of Indigenous writers-poets Saturday, June 9 at the Rhizome Café about 6:30 p.m.  Was it fun.  I read Southern Dreamin the poem-song I wrote for the Graffiti, the Without Borders song from the Without Borders screenplay, and a poem about hope.  The Indigenous writers were really good.  Also, met and talked with some people such as a non Native woman who wrote a legal book about Indigenous people and colonialism in Canada.  Was I ever impressed by her. She absolutely gets it about Indigenous people.  I do not meet many people like her in Vancouver or Surrey BC.  She is the first. I am so happy that it finally happened.  I was losing hope actually. That was why, too. Spoke with another person who is Cherokee. He is an instructor at UBC.  Originally he’s an American man.  He has dual citizenship.   
The Graffiti and The Illegal Anger have not had a lot of screenings.  My guess is because these videos were not written in a typical narrative style, without using a  traditional storyline, a wrapped up plot, climax and ending, the juries or film-video committe snubbed them.  The stories are similar structured as Alexander Sukorov or Lisandro Alonso.   They do not have wrapped plots or climaxes. 
A friend told me about an Indigenous Film Video Festival happening in New Orleans.  Entry fee was $65.  I wrote to the organizers yesterday or Tuesday expressing that the fee was expensive.  Could they waive it for me to enter The Graffiti and Illegal Anger.  I said I was a low income Indigenous filmmaker.  They said yes. 
A lot of things I have to do although I don’t have a regular job.  I work hard on what I have to do. 
One thing I hope for this summer to happen is to visit and see my parents in Phoenix, AZ because I worry about them. I haven’t visited and seen my parents in 9 years; also the friends in Phoenix and Los Angeles, too.  A long time not to see parents and friends.  My friends and my parents are very important.  Been working on ways to do that.   
 It’s still very cold wet and rainy here where I live; yet I know it’s 100 farenheit or so right now in the Phoenix area.  It maybe a cold June.  However I was very glad, today was warm and sunny. I luv the heat. 
Two reviews for a film and novel will follow this journal entry, Human Condition and Indian Horse.  My reviews of films and novels are not typically written either, not the standard 500 words.      
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