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I drew this picture today. I can draw.  I wanted to draw this picture and put it up in my blog because it is the end of June.  M Jackson died June 25, 2009.  I will always remember Michael Jackson because I loved his music a lot.  I can dance to it: dance, dance, dance.  Just listened to Bad this morning.  

Drawing was hard to do because I didn’t have any still photo to go by. It’s how I usually draw him.  I look at the photo and check for accuracy.    

May have to buy a magazine or book of him in the future.  I read a book by his brother Jermaine Jackson. Good book.  Sifting through the books at the Central Library in down town Vancouver, I saw two more books about Michael Jackson. I wanted to check them out.  They’re heavy to carry around in back pack.  One was by a family in New York.  The father managed a fancy hotel in New York.  Whenever he was in New York, Michael J stayed at the hotel.  The book had pictures of MJ with young boys.  Family was Italian.  It showed MJ with the young boys as they grew into young men.  He liked the family a lot. He felt at home with them. 

There was another book. I read  a little of that.  I liked what little I read.  Will get the books authors and titles some time in the future and post.


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