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This is an untouched drawing of an eagle. Meaning I didn’t fix it up to look better with paint software.  However, it might have  been touched up with paint as I recall, the colors only saturated. I drew  this eagle about 2 weeks ago, actually for July 1 12 for Wendy Haven’s birthday package. I liked it. Originally it was suppose to be a hawk. I looked at a book of photographs of these hawks and eagles. Otherwise, how can I draw the birds so accurately?  If I took  a still photograph of a hawk or eagle, I would look at that picture to check for  accuracy.  SLR cameras with good lenses can take pictures like that. I don’t have one but someday I will get one.

The birthday for Wendy Havens was a good birthday and party.  People played guitar and sang songs.  The food was very good. I took some pictures but was not able to resize the large ones into smaller ones which I usually do.  So  I will do that when I can this month.

Since then biked to Surrey Bend Regional Park.  That was good too.  

Today it is gray and colder.  Maybe the clear blue sky will clear and it will be sunny?  It did turn out clearer and sunnier.


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