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Yes the small fry were washed away from the rain last night at the small stream near by.  During Easter Weekend, starting on Good Friday we noticed 1,000’s of them swimming in the streams in the nearby park.  Couldn’t believe it. 

The salmon that swam to the small streams in November and December 2012 spawned. For me this is the first time I’ve witnessed and seen salmon small fry.  The frys have red tails.  Maybe the salmon have red tails when they are small. Viewed stripes on their bodies and spots.  Only pockets of small fry salmon are left after a rainfall.  Small fry salmon hide or swim behind and  beneath tree branches  in fast rapid water .  I suspected this would happen.  Storms in a rain forest create a lot of rain.  I video taped them Saturday. I am glad I made the decision to shoot the small fry Salmon.  Have good video of them. 

The cat is from Vancouver Orphan and Rescue in Surrey BC. She/He is cute.  A small meow meows from a big household cat.  Very sweet.

Slowly returning from the Cannibal Woman Camp Out play we played in Kelowna BC.  Marie Ann Hart Baker wrote the play. All women effort!


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  1. Thanks for posting about the salmon and the Marie AnnHart Baker play performed in Kelowna. I have stuff to share from up north when you have time.I took a few pictures as we traveled for 2 days going up and again coming back showing the countryside turn into spring.

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