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Monthly Archives: August 2013

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Still Photographs-Shot as we drove in a car out of window and when I asked the driver to stop.  Drove along I – 5 from Vancouver BC – LA – Phoenix AZ – Navajo Rez – Kirtland New Mex – Returned to Phoenix.  Returned to LA and back onto I -5.  Stopped at Portland, Ore and Everett, WA to visit friends.  The Canadian geese migrated to New Mexico.  They really migrate.  Amazing.

So I took a lot more pictures 8GB in total, but I couldn’t upload them into this blog.  I prepared a description of the trip but—a long story.  I will upload it in tomorrow. 

I use a public computer to do my work now a days which is a drag.  Wish I had my own internet.  Lot easier.  Some day I will get internet back again.  The trip to return back to AZ and CA in May was very good.  


Kept on making excuses on hold for a long time writing for a blog. In May I went on a trip to visit my parents and close friends in CA and AZ.  Good trip.  I had to visit my parents in Phoenix, Arizona where I grew up.  I took a lot of pictures 8 GB and video taped some sequences.  Sometimes holding a camera on the lap–two at a time to handle—was hard.  The bigger camera hurt the legs. 

Lately I entered writing and still photography pieces from (3) call outs: (2) writing—a short play entered into Native Voices at Audrey Museum on August 7—shall see about that—and (1) still photography competition.  Some of these competitions I learned only in mid-July like the Bell Media Diverse Screenwriting Program. Bell Media Diverse Screenwriting Program opened in June, but I didn’t know that. Have to be in the know to know what’s happening all over.  This is as difficult and the same as finding a job. Bell Media Diverse Screenwriting Program I had to drop out. Needed more time to prepare a proper entry. It was a lot of work to prepare because all these call outs have requirements to meet.  Must follow them or an applicant is deleted.  All the call outs I made on time, except for one.

I tried this year to look for jobs. I look here and there usually. It’s not like I don’t look for jobs.  I find that very few come my way in my field anyhow.  Slim pickings.  What’s a person suppose to do?  Work at the MacDonald’s just to get money? I’ve even joked that I might have to.  I have observed people carry signs on sidewalks to advertise businesses. Have to get money and pay the bills. 

Another issue connected with jobs is to find one in Surrey because it cost too much money to travel on the bus and sky train.  It is worthwhile to travel from Surrey to Vancouver for a job if the job pays low?  Probably be paying for the travel cost more than the job.  Plus the energy to travel every day to Vancouver is exhausting.  Maybe to obtain a good paying job is the answer. It has but not often in my life. Once I took a dance class in Vancouver every Wednesday. I made the 10:00 a.m. dance class (free) but found if I travelled more than twice a week into Vancouver using the two transportations was harsh physically and mentally.

The weather’s apart of it.  In the summer it’s not a factor to detract.  I can do more things in hot weather than rain cold weather. More than most Canadians I love heat weather.  I can stand hot weather because I come from a hot climate. I am use to it.

Had visits with two published women writers.  Good visits.  The first one expressed how writing is with her.  She doesn’t enter any contests like me.  She is noticed and invited.  She’s lucky to have that happen. I know it doesn’t happen for everyone. I told her in film and video most independent filmmakers I know enter their projects into film video festivals. I am already use to doing that, but was glad to find out how it was with other writers. As a writer she is a person who feels approachable open enough to ask questions about how she got started.  I do not find that openness among many writers who let me know how it is or should I say share information. Or maybe I never asked. It’s being able to ask someone.  Can feel the walls are closed sometimes. 

Smolts, the small salmons are a huge interest of mine. I wrote a poem called Salmonocrates, shot still photographs and videos of the salmons. I have never witnessed the cycles of the salmon in my whole life. Since the end of March I observed the smolts as they grew bigger.  At times in my life I have viewed small fish swim in small water pools. The first times happened when I was about 11 or 12 in the early 60’s. My family took us camping to the White Mountain Apache country.  I grew up in Arizona.  I am from the U.S. Us kids saw small fish swim in a small pool.  We tried to catch them.  I didn’t know much about fish.  Another time in the mid-80’s I hiked in Southern Utah among the narrow red shale canyons.  Once during the hike I saw a bunch of small fish swim in a pool of water. I took pictures of them.  I wanted to stay and watch them more but I was on a hike. I had to get to the destination at a certain time. That was the last time I saw small fish. I still do not know much about fish, but through my observations and readings of these salmon I have learned a lot.  My guess now is the small fish we viewed in Arizona’s high country-White Mountain Apache were trout and not salmon because now I know salmon do not live as far south as AZ. They do not like warm water. Arizona’s high country’s water is cold, but the water’s not as cold as BC’s water. They prefer a colder climate such as NW US and areas north.  This is first time I viewed small fish grow. Huge fish, salmon swam in small streams near by during November and December 2012. They lived in small streams for a couple of months and then died December 2012. From information I read and viewed I knew salmons returned to their homeland. The salmon frys stem from parent female salmon that release their eggs. The male sprays sperm over the eggs.  Eggs hatch. Between January and March there was nothing. Then it happened! Salmon frys hatched at the end of March 2013.  So the small fish salmon frys grew into larger fish, the stage they are now as smolts. Smolts are proof of the female and male Coho salmon cohabitation.  Also in the beginning I thought these salmons were sockeye. They are Coho because Sockeye do not live in small streams like these fish.

In Spring I trekked the Hyland Creek stream to examine the stream to view the cleanliness of the stream, where the salmons spawned and hung out.  The closer I walked to the King George Highway, the dirtier the stream looked. Less salmon frys hung out.  Viewed a white film covering the rocks. I compared it to this area.  Salmon frys live and hang out here more because the water is cleaner than the area near the highway. Technically it is not that clean.  It looks cleaner. During the final week, July 30 I viewed a milk like substance flow in one of the streams. August 6 I viewed it again.  It looked like a phosphate problem but I do not know. I wish I had a measurement kit to test the stream.  I attended an environment event a month ago where the female host of the event brought a kit.  She explained to test five elements in the stream: bacteria, phosphates, turbidity, nutrients and temperature.  I was with a group who measured phosphates. Very interesting. 

 Sad what I viewed, the milk substance, pollution.  This is what the young salmon drink and swim in?