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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Again I apologize for not keeping up this blog.  I always have to go to library to work on blog which gives l hour & l/2 to use windows processor and internet.  I do not own my computer which will be better.  It is time consuming to work on blog and upload still photographs.  Since I am a still photographer, I like to do that. This year I will try for an Indigenous artist fellowship.  I will help if I obtain it. I have got to try for it.  Never know.

The salmon returned surprisingly this year 2013.  Did not think they would. 4 salmons red

My Ninja Pants, a black female cat of 14 & l/2 years old died December 4 , 2013.  My mother died end of October. I have to look it up the exact day she died.  Sad. Nj 1Ninja on brown coverNinja and M

The residential laws in the Vancouver Regional District govern that landlords do not have to accept tenants’ pets in their apartments.  In the ads most of the landlords say “np” no pets. This makes it very hard for tenants with pets to find apartments.  Since that law passed in 04, we always had a hard time to find places.  Luckily in the nick of time we found places that accepted a small pet such as a cat.  We will not have a cat again.  Also since I am low income, why have a pet if a person cannot afford to provide a full physical examination.  Sometimes it is needed.  We should have given Ninja Pants a full physical exam in the summer time. Maybe we would have found out what was wrong with her.  Long story how she died.

The time I visited my mom in Phoenix, Arizona May 2013 was the last time,  I visited her, a strange moment. My dad was there, too. I had not been home for ten years. Missed where I came from. Missed my friends in LA and Phoenix. Some of my Phoenix friends left.  cactus sunsetPhxPhx or LAShiprock red landscapeorange flowerIMG_8427Also I visited other places in Arizona and Los Angeles for a week and a half or so.  Have friends in LA from the UCLA film school.

I attended a writing class at UBC, Humanities 101 from late September to early December 2013.  It gave privileges such as being able to check out books from all the libraries for a year.  I heard other peoples’ writings, the way they wrote. Some were really talented writers: Louis, a Cree guy, Leslie and a Japanese woman. I do not remember all people’s names.  At the end of each class, the class had a lottery or a drawing of people’s names to win a book to read.  These writers and their writings were very inspiring.

From taking this writing class, I vowed this year too, to begin to write the screenplay story of Tourquoise Sun in LA about a friendship between an Indigenous woman and James Morrison of the Doors.  This story has been on my mind for a long, long long time.  Been reading books about James Morrison’s life and the other Doors members’ books.  I was in Phoenix when I heard that Ray Manzarek died.  When we went to LA, I drove up the Sunset Strip to see about the Whisky.  Their neon sign that advertises the music acts,  gave a eulogy to Ray Manzarek.  Maybe the original owner of the Whisky remembered. Happy he or she remembered but sad at same time.  R Manzarek homage

So all these living things I liked died.

From all this, even though I live low income, I cannot and will not change about what I can do. I am a filmmaker, an artist, who takes still photographs, writes songs, poems, essays, screenplays, draws.  I have the background for this.  I will not give up on ideas which I want to produce.  I have already talked about them. Will mention two right now:  a. Tourquoise Filmmaker Conference and Dialogue=Indigenous Women Filmmakers’ Conference.  Still have not found help to make that happen.  b. I wish to make a documentary about the athapaskan language between athapaskan speakers in Northern BC and Arizona-New Mexico-Utah Dine:’  why the peoples’ language roots are similar, how the peoples’ cultures and values are similar but greatly different, but based upon the language itself, why the language gives us identity .  Terrain where they live for many many many years makes a great difference.  Whereas the Dine’ in Arizona-New Mexico-Utah raise sheep, the Dene in BC fish salmon, fish other fishes, hunt caribou, moose and other animals.  Dine’ in Arizona-New Mexico-Utah live in the high desert, whereas Dene in BC live in colder temperatures, forests and sub-arctic areas.  Met up with a Dine’ linguist woman friend who said she’d help.  That’s good. Just some of the similarities and differences. I would like to explore more. Having access to libraries at UBC will help out.