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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Moth 2 Moth 3

Pictures above – moth

Been busy trying to reedit the Locked Doors video which I am going to enter into Chicago Native Film & Video Festival 2014. Video is already edited but I wanted to polish edit it better. It was done quickly for an art exhibit. I see my flaws. Have to get it shipped to festival by mail next week.

I use to have an okay Mac computer to edit video projects on but it gonked out in 2011. Sometimes to learn how to use softwares takes more than four hours to pick up if person does not know it. For me it is this way. So far now I know final cut pro 5 the best, some of 7 and a little now of 10. I want to know all because it is important to know all.

Now it is better to make a dvd twice. I have limited time on editing. Slight mistake in 2nd dvd so redoing it a lot of times. I replayed sequence on time line and viewed my mistake. Wish it was not there, but it is. It is processing right now on compressor.  Picture of the video looks way better than it was. Flaw is gone. Sometimes I wonder what the editor does to mix and create a recipe because I did it fast.  I wrote a description of the process so I can remember it.  Best way to remember it.

Can’t make this anymore newsier than this.