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Coho July 7 14 During June and July I applied for a television producer position-Vision Maker Media and a Leslie Scalapino Award.  Both forced me to revise my resume and finish up-revise a drama been working on. Haven’t taken many still photographs.  I am changing as a still photographer. Not much documentary still photography of things, except I still continue to shoot still photographs and videos of the Coho Salmon.  Never lets up. Lots of movies I watch to get a better handle about the screenplay writing format.  Many of the feature dramas have different dramatic styles such as Prairie Home Companion, written by Garrison Kellor & directed by Robert Altman.  Also other feature dramas I have viewed and really liked: Fruitvale Station, My Son, Girl Model, Marley, Cog, Mountain Patrol, Muddy Waters and Rolling Stones, 1981, Life of Pi and others. So many I’ve viewed.  Glad to view them.

Life of Pi stood out, a feature drama, a reality mixed with surrealism.  I love stories about animals, especially Tigers.  The tiger animation was very realistically made.  Convincing.  It didn’t matter to me if the story was real or not. I’ve always wondered if that could happen with a wild animal like a big cat tiger. Maybe it could.  Maybe that’s why. I loved the ending of Pi and Richard Parker.  Eventually reach Mexican coast.  Tiger leaps out of boat.  As so many people do, when you are around an animal, live with an animal; for example a household cat, human beings tend to treat an animal like another human being, imprinting characteristics about being a human onto the animal. In reality the household cat is a cat.  She/he cannot behave like a human.  But unlike the tiger, the household cat is domesticated.  Tigers can be domesticated too, ones who are raised among humans since kitten hood. Those cats feel emotions, are intelligent, react to a person who takes care of her/him like a human being.  For example, a household cat knows very well when she/he is being abandoned as when she/he leaves her/his home because I witnessed a big domestic cat being given away at the SPA.  I could tell the big cat sensed it.  The bodies shake. Acts scared.  Cat curls up and hides inward  in a corner of the cage where a cat is placed at SPCA.  Our cat Ninja Pants acted that way when she knew she was out of her home element and in foreign territory.  Pi loved that cat although he was scared of him sometimes.  They made it together through thick and thin from being stranded in nature, the big huge ocean for many months.  Ocean has many emotions from moving silent without waves to creating huge 100 foot waves in rain and lightning. They were lucky to be found. He said, the tiger didn’t look back at him as he was carried off the beach by Mexican men the last time when Pi was rescued.  The Tiger, Richard Parker paused but that was it. Then he went off into the jungle.  Pi expects Richard Parker to look at him but he does not. He wanted to say, we did it and lived through it together.  The man cries when he said that at the end of the story, he and Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger.

Planning to go to Everett WA in a few weeks, but I wish I could travel way far away.

Yesterday I went to Newton Library to use the internet, but I had wait for doors to open at 1 p.m. Sunday’s time.  I always view a woman at the library typing at the computer and using the Internet.  She was dressed in black yesterday. I saw a White woman who said I sighed too much there too.  At first when she asked that I said, You think I’m too anxious.  She said, I can hear you sigh.  Subtext – too much.  I said, well I can sing in a loud volume. I opened my arms wide when I said that, but continued with, but I won’t.  She did not reply. A bunch of people were waiting for the door to open. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I said to the white woman dressed in black whom I see all the time, Wouldn’t you want to have your own internet and computer?  She said, Sure.  I said, l hour and l/2 is short. If you do real serious work you need more time.  The white woman who said I sighed too much said, at Semiahmoo Library a person can use the Internet in one room and then go to the next room, use it  (more time).  The woman in black whom I see all the time said, I go to Strawberry Library to do that.  Woman who said I sighed too much said you get too many viruses on your computer.  I said, I had a Mac but it broke down. I never got viruses.  Never.  Ever.  I prefer the Mac over windows.  The woman who said I sighed too much said nothing. The doors opened. We went into our separate ways. We stand around like that. I see some familiar people show up.  We express nothing to each other?  Why not say something? I wouldn’t have done that when I was 14. Too shy. I was very shy and not assertive, but I am more assertive.   Mostly because I am lonely in Surrey.  I don’t talk to hardly anybody in Surrey.  People don’t want to talk to me. And it’s not because I am older. No.  It’s because I have something to say now. Also, I do not  speak to many people besides Mark, I want to speak to other people.

When I finished the internet at library, I biked across to 72nd Street.  Near the Newton bus loop, I saw Len one of the Squamish brothers, Indigenous brothers, whom  Mark and I met on Saturday.  Len looks Meti.  Here in Canada Meti is a mixture of French and Indigenous.  I met the other brother, Mike  before I met Len. Mike has dark skin like me, except I have darker skin.  When I saw Len near the bus loop on Saturday walking around I knew who he was.  Their mom and dad are mixed, Meti and Indigenous.  I recognized Len. I stopped Len to talk to him.  I have said to people, BC don’t talk much to each other. People in BC are some of  most unfriendly bunch I ever met in my life. He said today’s events in the world causes it. It’s not spoken about on the news. I said that’s true.  About today’s events causes it, I said, I don’t know. I don’t think so. Turmoil has always been here.  I didn’t buy it.  He said, people in Edmonton, Alberta are friendlier.  Even the Americans are friendlier. I laughed when he said that. I said I have more friends in the US than here to know as friends.  I just don’t get it. Why is so difficult to make friends here.  I’ve tried for fourteen years? What gives?  After a certain point a person gives up.  That’s how I talk to everyone now days if I want to know what’s goin on.  How does everyone know what’s goin on? What’s the song? What’s it among people?  I am me.  Small talk doesn’t really do it for me with people, although sometimes I am forced to do it just to get people to talk. I get to the point.              


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