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Through Indian Eyes3

What have I been doing lately?  Attended in November Through Indian Eyes: Native Americans in the Cinema at Billy Wilder Theater, UCLA Film and Television Archive. On November 7 2014 I screened Navajo Talking Picture, Song Journey and The Graffiti, spoke about them, described what it was like at UCLA as student and what I will do in the future in film and video.  Stayed in Everett and LA, but most the time stayed in LA during November.  Good to do.  Warm and dry the entire time in LA. Everett’s weather was similar to Surrey and Vancouver BC’s weather when I left, cold gray and rainy. Liked being in Los Angeles.  Originally I grew up in the Sonoran desert. Dine’ people are located in the high desert Northeastern Arizona, Northwestern New Mexico and Southeastern Utah. 

A new exhibition will happen during February 2015 at the Round House presented by WCAW.  I intended to only show self-portrait still photographs, but the idea changed. Been selecting and pulling still photographs from my list of digital jpegs to finalize to print up.  That process is time consuming but I have to do it.

A lot of ideas to get off and materialize for not only this art exhibit but other ideas as well.  It’s hard to work on them at the same time, but I must.

Not into Xmas.  Finally can articulate why I cannot get into it.  Christmas always is commercial.  Ever since I turned 50 or so I began to view the commercialism of Christmas, this ongoing singing of Christmas songs, Oh it’s so happy, buy, buy, buy. Turns me off.  The mainstream exploits the Christmas idea from the Christian religion.  Christianity is not the only religion in the world.  So when Christmas comes to North America, the people who want you to buy pour it on.  I have to turn off the radio. It forces people to spend their money.  Low income people do not have this kind of money.  I do not have this kind of money.  I have to endure it.  Christmas is for rich people who have money to spend. I’d rather live in another realm than this. 

LS coho femaleHE diedEver since I returned at the end of November 24th I checked out the Coho at Hyland Creek stream.   I was told not many Coho returned.  A lot of Coho swimming in the stream and spawning at the end of November.  I took many videos and still photographs.  Only a few Coho lived during the first week of December, then they died or disappeared.  The female Coho I saw last week Wednesday was the last one.  She was swept away by the rapid water or she swam somewhere else.  2013 at Hyland Creek had the largest population of Coho in the return also with many frys born in 2014.  2012 was second.  2014 had the least Coho salmon return.  If they were in the ocean for 3 years, they were born in Hyland Creek during 2012. If they were in the ocean for 4 years, they were born in Hyland Creek during 2011. 


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