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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Mark, Gary T and I drove on a day trip to visit Hope BC and Box Canyon this last Monday.  Lots of warm sunshine..

Gary Todd painted. He said he hadn’t painted in a long time. We explored by walking around the area.  Here are some still photos from the trip.

1 IMG_5146 paint 2 IMG_5155 paint 3 IMG_5130 paint 4  IMG_5129 paint 5 IMG_5132 paint 6 IMG_5252 Hope town paint 7  IMG_5134 paint 8 IMG_5133 paint IMG_5144 paint IMG_5159 paint IMG_5162 paint IMG_5165 paint IMG_5181 paint IMG_5183 paint IMG_5185 paint IMG_5187 paint IMG_5194 paint IMG_5195 paint IMG_5212 paint IMG_5213 pathway paint IMG_5215 pussy willow paint IMG_5218 paint IMG_5223 gray rock paint IMG_5233 paint IMG_5260 paint IMG_5263 paint IMG_5272 paint IMG_5275 paint