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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Have not written a post in a long time.  Trying to survive is what.  Have problems with housing to fix, solve.  Also, what to try next as a film and video project. I have several ideas. Also I have several ideas related to film and video such as the Tourquoise Filmmaker, Indigenous Women Filmmaker Conference.  After the fiasco Rediculous Six comedy with Adam Sandler, why do the producers of Netflix feel they think it’s okay to produce such a comedy to degrade Indigenous people?   Lakota Law Review wrote a letter and requested that they close down production immediately.  I don’t get it.  Anyone can crap on us like this?  It seems yes.  It’s not okay with me.  Pretty messed up world! Messed up. 

Some huge proposals are coming up which I will write. A lot of hard work to write proposals. Just because I have reached and gone beyond 65 years old doesn’t mean a filmmaker & still photographer so called, “retires.”  Where do people pick that up and use it.  A filmmaker and still photographer keeps on making films and videos as long as she can do it.  So far, so good.

I don’t even know why Donald Trump wants to run for President.  No way!

Been reading a book, Law of the Jungle, the $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who’d Stop at Nothing to Win written by Paul M. Barrett.  So far I like it.  I saw a film done about the topic.  The filmmakers were able to interview the lawyers of Chevron.  The way the lawyer talked and made up excuses to  cover up what they were doing to the Cofa’n Indigenous people was shocking.  Very manipulative language.  It made me sick. However it presented a preview what protestors and any lawyers are up against when they fight an oil corporation as huge as Chevron.  I like reading books like this because it’s what I’m interested in. 

The weather in Vancouver Regional District is very warm-hot and dry.  Never experienced a summer so warm and dry as this in Vancouver Regional District. I like it. I can handle the heat.  Many Canadians cannot.  Enclosed are still photos on hikes I went on in June.1 IMG_5879

2 IMG_5888 3 IMG_5887

Stawamus Chief Mountain-Squamish BC 4 IMG_5899 5 IMG_5907 6 IMG_5909 7 IMG_5912 8 IMG_5914 9 IMG_592510 IMG_592111 IMG_5922 12 IMG_5930 13 IMG_5943 14 IMG_5945 15 IMG_5948 2 lightened 16 IMG_5954 2 lightened 17 IMG_5958 2 Next Day @ Hyland Creek I saw a worm. 18 IMG_5996 19 IMG_5998

Hike @ Cypress Bowl Provincial Park.  There are various trails at Cypress Bowl.  The one Mark and I usually walk on is different than the one hiked last Sunday.  A large lake where a lot people from Germany, their accents or Swedish swam.  Some Asian. The rest of the lakes were smaller and muddier.  All were younger than Gary Todd and I but that’s okay.  Viewing the huge Ravens and seeing the salamander made my day.  Hiking relieves my stress. I have a lot of it lately. 1 crow IMG_6951 2 crow IMG_6966 2 3 IMG_6961 4 IMG_6969 5 IMG_7016 2