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Read a book written by US Indigenous writer Shawnee Native American, Robert J. Miller,  called Native America Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark and Manifest Destiny. Published 2006 by Praeger Publishers, Westport Connecticut.  He is a professor of Law, too. He covers the meaning of the Doctrine of Discovery where it originally stemmed from European old world concepts when the European nations made laws regarding land and people who were not Christian, whom they wanted to conquer.  The so called Christian church governed the nations and explorers like Columbus.  Had to get their okay to explore?  These British people, French and Spanish people applied this “international law” —-I mention them because these were the main colonizers of the US and Canada. Minus The Spanish from Canada. Canada’s colonizers were the British and French. British Columbia is an example of that, the name literally. 10 points make up the Doctrine of Discovery:

1. First Discovery.
2. Actual occupancy & current possession.
3. Preemption/European title.
4. Indian Title.
5. Tribal limited sovereign and commercial rights.
6. Contiquity.
7. Terra nullius.
8. Christianity.
9. Civilization.
10. Conquest.

This applies to the world now, especially US & Canada and the rest of the Americas: Mexico, Centro and South America. In my p.o.v. this information is not open to everybody. Only law students may know and law professors who teach these ideas. Some politicians may know but not all. This important information concerns Indigenous people. This information can help you to understand what’s happening now. It still continues on the conquering of Indigenous people and their land and resources.  People really believed in this. Believe in it now. I do not accept Doctrine of Discovery. According to this int’l law idea if Indigenous resisted to give up their land or resources, to “annihilate”-destroy them.  Genocide happened. Eye opening because I always felt this feeling of being ignored since I was very young.  Now I know in detail for reasons events and attitudes that happened.

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More pictures on another day.  Fires happening in Chelan, Colville Reservation and one other place in Eastern Washington.  One morning everything had a pink haze: the light on the sidewalk, sunset, for example in picture, and the half moon.  The half moon looked more darker yellow than plain yellow. I could tell. Couldn’t view the stars at night to east very well.  Mountains in east were gone, hazed out by the fires.  The next day the sky turned better,clearer.  That happened in Surrey in June or July, too because of fires in BC.

IMG_7737 2 IMG_7739


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