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Monthly Archives: April 2016


Yesterday I danced and viewed films. Besides filmmaking I luv dance. I luv to dance. I attended a performance Ta’ctil, 4 dancers composed of women yesterday afternoon where people donated to view and hear the performance at the Round House. The dance companies usually perform performances at 2 venues. One located at Granville Island. I arrived ahead of time 1:20 pm and this time I got into the performance. I bought the ticket right off. Waited in line for about 40 min but waiting seemed short. Was happy to get a ticket to see perf. Flamenco performance-dancers performed a contemporary flamenco non-tradish performance. I still liked it. Different. Flamenco dancers keep up the beat and rhythm with their feet, shoes, hands clapping and body.

Afterwards I took a one hour dance class, flamenco taught by the dancers themselves from the company. Some men took it. Wasn’t all women as usual. Clap hands to keep a beat. Move steps to keep a beat. The main teacher taught us and showed us by clapping with hands and moving the feet. To maintain the beat whether 1,2, 3, 4 or to dance or clap with hands on the off beat. To maintain the off beat was hard. Could do it, but need more practice to do it better. Also she taught us a combination to dance. We had to all learn it. The dance class was an hour, but it seem to last a longer time. I came out of the class on a cloud again. High in the sky as Lucy in the Sky worth Diamonds. Dance makes me float.

When I came home I viewed an older film with Linda Blair—don’t know the title—LA in the late 70’s about her and roller skating. She’s a rich kid from Bev Hills. I liked it. Since I luve dance it had good dance scenes of people who knew how to roller skate in the old way, mid-70’s style with the roller ball bearings wheels and all. In fact I own a pair of white roller skates exactly like the actors-dancers that they skated in the film. Skates are still in good condition, too. I skated at the Santa Monica board walk. I remember Ron Mulvihill skated at UCLA film school around like that.

After that I viewed another film Breakfast at Tiffany’s the novel Truman Copote wrote. Another writer George Axelrod adapted novel into screenplay. I viewed it on regular tv when I was young. Never forgot it. I bought the dvd in good condition at a second hand store 2 days ago. A red cat plays a pivotal role and character in the film, Holly Go Lightly’s cat. Happy but sad. Last part so sad. Lightly she was supposed to go to Brazil and marry a rich guy but he writes her a letter says no. George Peppard character proclaims his love for her. She shuts on him too. From all that she acts so mean. Suddenly she throws cat out of taxi, shoos him out into the wet rain onto the streets of New York. George Peppard tells her off, you’re no good, subtext. He leaves and gets out of the taxi. Looks for the cat. She recomposes, gets out and looks for cat in alley. Sees Peppard there. She looks for cat and can’t find cat. When all she thinks all is lost, she hears meow, grabs cat, puts cat inside her coat to protect him from cold and wet. Takes the cat and walks towards Peppard. He doesn’t say a word. She kisses him, her way make up. She’s wrong. He’s right.

The film has some good music. Moon River is famous from the music sound track. That song fitted perfect for the film. Holly Go Lightly is a N.Y. cosmopolitan woman in early or mid-60’s. Hepburn played her part. Film wasn’t perfect all the way. In director commentary producer Richard Shepard said he wished he could’ve cast a Japanese actor for role Mickey Rooney played. Edwards wanted Rooney. Glad to hear producer Shepard say that.