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Andra and I drove to find a place where we could visit the waves in Southern CA.  I thought we’d never find any place.  Stopped at least 2 places before we found this place.  Where I live I do not get to view and hear the waves as this place in the video.  At this place,  no one else parked at the parking lot.  Not anyone about at the beach. I do not like being with people that much out in nature. We had it to ourselves.  We stayed there for 2 hours. I took still photographs and videotaped the waves.  Audio taped the waves.  I hadn’t seen S CA like that in a long time. Except before earlier, I visited Mission Beach and La Jolla in San Diego.  Treats to view the beaches.  This happened during September 2016.  Very nice time.


When drove back to Santa Monica.  Andra’s car broke down in the middle of a busy street.  Two angels in form of two white teenagers asked if we needed help right after she turned over her ignition three times. We said yes, to them.  They pushed the car out of the way to the right and parked us to the side of a street.  They were kind young guys.  Illustrated that it doesn’t matter what color people are sometimes all kinds of people help out.   Good sign. We called the road side assistance for help.  I’d never seen Santa Monica as busy as that Friday night.  

We made it back to Andra’s home okay that night.  


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