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I am sad she left female coho whom I viewed in the stream since last weekend.  She was not there today at the flat slab where I normally see her. I saw her yesterday when I shot this video.  The stream was murky.  Not clear.  Sometimes the water can be clear the best time to shoot the coho salmon.  When I always went to the stream she was always alone.  I don’t know if she mated.  A few coho returned back to the stream.  This is where they were born.  They are born in some stream or a lake, somewhere and then they grow up as very small fish, alevins.  Alevins have a red sack near their middle.  It goes away after a month.  Then the frys grow til they reach about 2 inches to 4 inches.  They leave the stream after about l year, swim in a school when it rains heavy.  They ride it to the ocean.  In this area, swim south and west to the rivers in Surrey. Make their way to Mud Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Swim north to Alaska and south along the North American West coast.  These cohos are the lucky ones because they avoided being eaten by whales and other animals in the ocean when they returned.  After 3-4 years they return to the stream or lake where they were born.  They spawn, mate, then  die.  


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