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Warm day in Surrey BC.  Will get warmer this week which I like.  This week will help Mark to record songs he wrote.  He’s been rehearsing the songs.  Bought the back up strings in case the strings break.


Don’t usually write a journal here all the time.  Thursday I felt sad because it’s stressed out.  Kept thinking I miss where I come from and the places I lived.


I try and try and try.  To be a filmmaker is hard especially being  a Dine’ female filmmaker.


I can only go by myself because I do not speak with other Indigenous women about this directly.  I cannot give up now although sometimes I feel like it.  The US fed govt would like Indigenous to give up on it, their resist, which is where I am.  It’s because of the history of US that I disdain a messed up history to deny the real history.  Reading about Modoc history in N CA & S Ore.  Sad.  Sad with every tribe.





8 Arlene Bowman_Downtown LA@night

LA a place I left and lived in for 16 years,  but I still like it.

Sorry haven’t written in this or uploaded.  

I miss where I come from US, CA & LA.

An Indigenous woman who was apart of a dance company first of May said, “Your home is where you live.”  It’s exactly how I feel. It’s why I can never pin down where a house can be lived in for a long time.

My father died last week.

I made notes for the last 3-4 four years for Tourquoise Sun in LA drama feature, figuring out how I can edit the Coho salmon video and working on right now still photos to enter in Pushing Boundaries show which is for all Indigenous artists.  Two more days to work on it and get it in. 










Viewed the moon the other night.  Glow surrounded it.

Lots of paper work to work on.  Too much but I have to do it.  

Some are applications I have to turn in.  If I work harder this week on one, application, it’ll be finished.  Be glad to finish it.  

Been reading Indian Country Today newspaper and certain news that draws my attention.  One writer from Indian Country Today noticed that some Native Americans have to speak up or interrupt the speakers speaking at their campaign speeches for the November 2016 Presidential election because people like  Sanders, Clinton, all of them ignore the presence of Indigenous people when they speak about people in the U.S.  In any speeches and even here in Canada, but not in all of Canada, the speakers at presentations do not mention Indigenous people.  In Vancouver and in some places in Surrey at the beginning of each speech presentation for example people express: “We reside on unceded Coast Salish land.”  The public who lives in the area has to know that.  Of course when one speaks up, a person brings on the wrath of the conservatives.  There are conservative Indigenous and non Indigenous people.  I can tell because of what I said.  I know and can feel the vibrations.  

Trump I hope you do not win.  Wish an Indigenous person ran for President in U.S.  If it happened Bolivia, it can happen in U.S.  

I try to be optimistic but….It’s a day by day thing to be optimistic.