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Read a book written by US Indigenous writer Shawnee Native American, Robert J. Miller,  called Native America Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark and Manifest Destiny. Published 2006 by Praeger Publishers, Westport Connecticut.  He is a professor of Law, too. He covers the meaning of the Doctrine of Discovery where it originally stemmed from European old world concepts when the European nations made laws regarding land and people who were not Christian, whom they wanted to conquer.  The so called Christian church governed the nations and explorers like Columbus.  Had to get their okay to explore?  These British people, French and Spanish people applied this “international law” —-I mention them because these were the main colonizers of the US and Canada. Minus The Spanish from Canada. Canada’s colonizers were the British and French. British Columbia is an example of that, the name literally. 10 points make up the Doctrine of Discovery:

1. First Discovery.
2. Actual occupancy & current possession.
3. Preemption/European title.
4. Indian Title.
5. Tribal limited sovereign and commercial rights.
6. Contiquity.
7. Terra nullius.
8. Christianity.
9. Civilization.
10. Conquest.

This applies to the world now, especially US & Canada and the rest of the Americas: Mexico, Centro and South America. In my p.o.v. this information is not open to everybody. Only law students may know and law professors who teach these ideas. Some politicians may know but not all. This important information concerns Indigenous people. This information can help you to understand what’s happening now. It still continues on the conquering of Indigenous people and their land and resources.  People really believed in this. Believe in it now. I do not accept Doctrine of Discovery. According to this int’l law idea if Indigenous resisted to give up their land or resources, to “annihilate”-destroy them.  Genocide happened. Eye opening because I always felt this feeling of being ignored since I was very young.  Now I know in detail for reasons events and attitudes that happened.

1 7501 2 7502 3 7507 4 7512 paint 5 7529 6 7521 7 7526   10 IMG_7560 11 IMG_7562 paint 12 IMG_7563 paint 13 IMG_7575 14 IMG_7582 15 IMG_7590 16 IMG_7597 17 IMG_7625 17 IMG_7631 18 IMG_7624 paint 18 IMG_7628 19 IMG_7634 20 IMG_7635 21 IMG_7639 22 IMG_7645

More pictures on another day.  Fires happening in Chelan, Colville Reservation and one other place in Eastern Washington.  One morning everything had a pink haze: the light on the sidewalk, sunset, for example in picture, and the half moon.  The half moon looked more darker yellow than plain yellow. I could tell. Couldn’t view the stars at night to east very well.  Mountains in east were gone, hazed out by the fires.  The next day the sky turned better,clearer.  That happened in Surrey in June or July, too because of fires in BC.

IMG_7737 2 IMG_7739


Have not written a post in a long time.  Trying to survive is what.  Have problems with housing to fix, solve.  Also, what to try next as a film and video project. I have several ideas. Also I have several ideas related to film and video such as the Tourquoise Filmmaker, Indigenous Women Filmmaker Conference.  After the fiasco Rediculous Six comedy with Adam Sandler, why do the producers of Netflix feel they think it’s okay to produce such a comedy to degrade Indigenous people?   Lakota Law Review wrote a letter and requested that they close down production immediately.  I don’t get it.  Anyone can crap on us like this?  It seems yes.  It’s not okay with me.  Pretty messed up world! Messed up. 

Some huge proposals are coming up which I will write. A lot of hard work to write proposals. Just because I have reached and gone beyond 65 years old doesn’t mean a filmmaker & still photographer so called, “retires.”  Where do people pick that up and use it.  A filmmaker and still photographer keeps on making films and videos as long as she can do it.  So far, so good.

I don’t even know why Donald Trump wants to run for President.  No way!

Been reading a book, Law of the Jungle, the $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who’d Stop at Nothing to Win written by Paul M. Barrett.  So far I like it.  I saw a film done about the topic.  The filmmakers were able to interview the lawyers of Chevron.  The way the lawyer talked and made up excuses to  cover up what they were doing to the Cofa’n Indigenous people was shocking.  Very manipulative language.  It made me sick. However it presented a preview what protestors and any lawyers are up against when they fight an oil corporation as huge as Chevron.  I like reading books like this because it’s what I’m interested in. 

The weather in Vancouver Regional District is very warm-hot and dry.  Never experienced a summer so warm and dry as this in Vancouver Regional District. I like it. I can handle the heat.  Many Canadians cannot.  Enclosed are still photos on hikes I went on in June.1 IMG_5879

2 IMG_5888 3 IMG_5887

Stawamus Chief Mountain-Squamish BC 4 IMG_5899 5 IMG_5907 6 IMG_5909 7 IMG_5912 8 IMG_5914 9 IMG_592510 IMG_592111 IMG_5922 12 IMG_5930 13 IMG_5943 14 IMG_5945 15 IMG_5948 2 lightened 16 IMG_5954 2 lightened 17 IMG_5958 2 Next Day @ Hyland Creek I saw a worm. 18 IMG_5996 19 IMG_5998

Hike @ Cypress Bowl Provincial Park.  There are various trails at Cypress Bowl.  The one Mark and I usually walk on is different than the one hiked last Sunday.  A large lake where a lot people from Germany, their accents or Swedish swam.  Some Asian. The rest of the lakes were smaller and muddier.  All were younger than Gary Todd and I but that’s okay.  Viewing the huge Ravens and seeing the salamander made my day.  Hiking relieves my stress. I have a lot of it lately. 1 crow IMG_6951 2 crow IMG_6966 2 3 IMG_6961 4 IMG_6969 5 IMG_7016 2    

Mark, Gary T and I drove on a day trip to visit Hope BC and Box Canyon this last Monday.  Lots of warm sunshine..

Gary Todd painted. He said he hadn’t painted in a long time. We explored by walking around the area.  Here are some still photos from the trip.

1 IMG_5146 paint 2 IMG_5155 paint 3 IMG_5130 paint 4  IMG_5129 paint 5 IMG_5132 paint 6 IMG_5252 Hope town paint 7  IMG_5134 paint 8 IMG_5133 paint IMG_5144 paint IMG_5159 paint IMG_5162 paint IMG_5165 paint IMG_5181 paint IMG_5183 paint IMG_5185 paint IMG_5187 paint IMG_5194 paint IMG_5195 paint IMG_5212 paint IMG_5213 pathway paint IMG_5215 pussy willow paint IMG_5218 paint IMG_5223 gray rock paint IMG_5233 paint IMG_5260 paint IMG_5263 paint IMG_5272 paint IMG_5275 paint