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Trixy belongs to Kathy in Everett WA.  I like Trixy a lot.  Very friendly cat.  I visited Kathy and David in Everett.  I knew Kathy since I was 22 years when I attended the SFAI in SF, CA in Fall 1971. I finished and obtained my  undergraduate BFA degree in still photography in 1973 Spring.   She was my room mate the first year I attended SFAI.  Then she had to return to the North.  I missed her.  I wished she hung around and I wish we had the same apartment that we originally rented.  Friends are the greatest.  Had a good time in Everett.  Saw and heard BB King Band play at Box Car Park at the Marina.  Small blues festival.  Like it small.    




8 Arlene Bowman_Downtown LA@night

LA a place I left and lived in for 16 years,  but I still like it.

Sorry haven’t written in this or uploaded.  

I miss where I come from US, CA & LA.

An Indigenous woman who was apart of a dance company first of May said, “Your home is where you live.”  It’s exactly how I feel. It’s why I can never pin down where a house can be lived in for a long time.

My father died last week.

I made notes for the last 3-4 four years for Tourquoise Sun in LA drama feature, figuring out how I can edit the Coho salmon video and working on right now still photos to enter in Pushing Boundaries show which is for all Indigenous artists.  Two more days to work on it and get it in. 









Video originally was shot longer but I had to cut it shorter. Vimeo to use on a free basis had to upload under 500 mbs or less.  These cohos are mostly males in this bunch.  Usually the heavy rain brings in the cohos to swim up the stream.  I suspect the coho intuitively know that the stream is heavy.  It has rained.  So they agree, let’s go, take a ride in the bigger moving water to our home.  

This year’s 2016 return to Hyland Creek was smaller.  Salmon coho did not return to Hyland Creek in 2015?