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This is an Indigenous Art Show I am apart of.  Three of my still photographs are in the show.  The art works of these Indigenous people artists—very good.  Like it a lot.  I feel good to be apart of this show.  If you are travelling to North Vancouver, 3rd Street and Lonsdale, park somewhere or take the seabus ferry across from Vancouver.  Get off the ferry, turn right and walk through the food and shops, turn left and walk 3 blocks up the hill on Lonsdale and you will arrive at the City Space Gallery located on left side of street.  I should’ve posted this 3 weeks ago.  Sorry. I did it at last.

I am also working on two other ideas, to put on an Indigenous Woman Filmmaker screening in Surrey.  Huge lack of Indigenous presence everywhere in Canada and U.S.  Sometimes it brings me down.  Been at it for two years, but I may have found an Indigenous group of women artists, a not for profit who support this idea.  Many people do not know Indigenous people are filmmakers too, a very contemporary occupation.  Shall see how it develops.  Hope so.

The other is a Dine’ language video project.  I may have found the Canadian counterpart of Dine’ people who know the Dene language in Northern BC. I need people who know the Dene language fluently.  I finally received an okay from a Dine’ man whom I met in the 80’s for this video project.  He knows my people’s language real well.  Knows his culture well, too.  In the months coming,  I will write a Canada Council for the arts grant, the research and creation grant.  If I receive it to travel to meet these people in person in U.S. and Canada and speak and explain the video idea and hope that they maybe interested in the project.  Been trying to keep up this since 2013.  Hard to create this idea for a documentary-fictional based upon fact, Dene language video.   So hard. 

For independent filmmakers it isn’t that easy but I keep going. 

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