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It rains a lot.

The sun came out once this last Sunday. Mark and I went to the beach for a few hours at Centennial Beach at Boundary Bay. It was warm there. We went with Chris Hopkins. I knew Chris Hopkins from UCLA film school when I attended there during from 79-86. He is working as a sculptor in an American feature film being shot in Vancouver BC.

Been trying to obtain good DVD copies of the Locked Doors to ship off to a Native American Film & Video Festival in Chicago. Working hard to do it. The video has been accepted in the festival.

The Coho frys returned here last month March 13th. I remember during the first of week of March I didn’t find any Coho frys around. Only a few small Coho salmons  swam in certain areas like at the usual tree root, under a big tree in between the stream and near a rock. Last week I saw a lot more. More Coho frys must have been born since. So many are everywhere literally, the sides of the stream, swimming in the smooth soft waters of the streams. The fry Cohos like that. They dislike swimming in the rapids of streams. I view them trying to run after food floating. They live wherever their parents spawned in the streams. The last big Coho hung around January 13th or so in 2014. In the areas where we go, they are many of them. Fun to watch them.  I observe other places in Surrey to see if there are other Coho frys, but not much compared to here. The small Hyland Creek has the most of Coho frys I have ever seen so far. Just think the big Cohos return there all the way from their journeys in the ocean. For 3-4 years they swim in the ocean.

Last year we visited Arizona. I wish I could visit again.  Wish I could visit my father. I worry about him.

I worry that I won’t be able to do the things I want. Lot of things I want to do for sure. I have huge idealisms.

Also I wrote this essay for an art show. I was rejected. I asked why I was rejected. I said, was it my essay? I liked my essay. Here is essay and my still photographs with it:

Psychological health is to assess and be open minded to all kinds of actions and behaviors from people, self, friends and family. However based upon the color of skin, the type of culture people grow up in, everyone grows up different to view the world. Everyone has negative and positive experiences. Some people dominate over others and create prejudice towards others. A recent traumatic experience has been to experience the radical change of reactions of my sisters and brother towards me since the death of my mother in October. I saw my mother last May, a final time in Phoenix where I grew up. I saw her in 03. This same story has been related from other friends when their parents died.

2013 I started to read histories of Indigenous in North America. I am Indigenous filmmaker. Mental health of people is related to historical facts which affects people’s perceptions towards a people. North American public knows nothing about Indigenous people because the mainstream systems does not want to teach instead to deny on purpose the true facts about the Indigenous.  Just to survive, exist and come out okay is it but life sometimes is hard to understand.

Fry Arlene Bowman_April 6 142Two waves equals Two_ArleneBowman Whitefoot&cloth_ArleneBowman


Moth 2 Moth 3

Pictures above – moth

Been busy trying to reedit the Locked Doors video which I am going to enter into Chicago Native Film & Video Festival 2014. Video is already edited but I wanted to polish edit it better. It was done quickly for an art exhibit. I see my flaws. Have to get it shipped to festival by mail next week.

I use to have an okay Mac computer to edit video projects on but it honked out in 2011. Sometimes to learn how to use softwares takes more than four hours to pick up upon  if person does not know it. For me it is this way. So far now I know final cut pro 5 the best, some of 7 and a little now of 10. I want to know all because it is important to know all.

Now it is better to make a dvd twice. I have limited time on editing. Slight mistake in 2nd dvd so redoing it a lot of times. I replayed sequence on time line and viewed my mistake. Wish it was not there, but it is. It is processing right now on compressor.  Picture of the video looks way better than it was. Flaw is gone. Sometimes I wonder what the editor does to mix and create a recipe because I did it fast.  I wrote a description of the process so I can remember it.  Best way to remember it.

Can’t make this anymore newsier than this.

That link I put up from facebook, it doesn’t work. It worked a month ago.  I don’t care for that. I will never do that again. Sorry about that. 

I tested the link. It shows up (but that was a month ago?! So I don’t know?!).  I checked out what Facebook chose for their review of my pages since 2007.  Mostly I liked it.   Photographs were chosen and selected for the review. I may edit it.   It is okay because it is what I do.  I am good at shooting still photography.  Drawings were chosen, too. That is what I do too. Interesting.