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The above pictures were shot within the same vicinity of each other last weekend.  Wild flowers are pretty.  My camera shot the orange wild flowers with a macro lens.  Difficult to do it because the range of focus is so small, I guess could call it the depth of field is so small that I have to shoot it at the time I see it focused.  Tricky. There were black wasps in that hive about 3-4 weeks ago, but not anymore.  I read that wasps leave a hive.  I guess it is too cold now. Strange to view an empty hive now.  Just think the black wasps created that hive home.

This is the week when it turned cold in Vancouver.  Sad.

We did our laundry today. Nice to have clean clothes.

Soon one of my favorite reality shows airs on television, America’s Top Model in about a half an hour.  I like to watch Dancing with the Stars, too. I like to judge which of the contestants makes it, who’s a good dancer or not.  Usually my guesses sync up with the final conclusions.  For example, I notice that some people are not able to dance dances like the cha cha easy. They struggle to get it. It’s like a foreign dance to them. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and I grew up primarily around Mexican people who dance the cha cha and other Latin type dances since I was 8 years old or so. I’ve danced it myself. It carried through, through out my life to be exposed to that music and dance.  Santana, the rock and roll group mixes Mexican type music with heavy electric guitar rock and roll. Their music is very danceable at the same time. Can really move to it.  I luv it. I haven’t danced Latin type dances a lot, but I like the dances. I like to observe other people dance dances, especially good dancers of dances at clubs or anywhere where it happens. I remember attending a parade in 1974 in Equador, which featured a Centro and South American celebration of dance, music and regalia.  I saw this young man dance the cumbia dance really cool with his hips and feet.  So cool to see him dance in step with the rhythm. I knew he danced it the best.  Therefore to this day, I can tell if some dancer can dance it or not just like the judges.  So far from the show, all the people I wanted to stay, stayed. I was glad.

Mark and I visited the Delta Firehall last Friday to do open mic.  It wasn’t the same.  The guy who managed the sound system isn’t there anymore.  I liked him. So I think we’ll try a new place such as the cheese cake cafe located on 105 Avenue, which has open mic every Tuesday and Thursday night. Shall see.  I saw a video clip of Lady Gaga when she played at the Bitter End place, which I think was open mic. I have read that she played small clubs for a while and maybe this is what the writer refers to.

On September 20, 09, after I viewed a documentary about people stranded in the Andes on television, I decided to look at the night sky.  Mark said the night sky was clear. On an impulse I went outside.  Mark came out, too.  We stood on the stairway. At 9:30 p.m. we looked at a bright light in the southeast sky. It looked like a planet and not a star.  It was the brightest light in the sky, and then we both looked up because Mark pointed to a light above us.  The light was bright, whitish. It shined brighter than the planet we viewed in the Southeast. Then within about 2 seconds this light changed. It was there and then not. I saw a faint blue object move slow to the Southeast.  The light blue object looked like a star and then it faded into black. I couldn’t see it anymore.  I thought the bright light was related to the faint, small blue object moving in the sky. Mark didn’t see this faint blue object at first. Mark didn’t think the faint blue object was related to the bright light we saw and witnessed.

So it wasn’t a helicopter nor a jet in the sky. Sometimes helicopters have a strong light like we saw, but then when it moves, a person can view other lights on the helicopter. When that strong white light changed and went out, there were no other lights. It was something else. Mark thought it was odd. I did too. I thought the object changed it’s direction because the light was so bright and it was gone.

I’ve dreamed of bright lit objects in the sky, but the lit objects move in close and appear larger.  This didn’t. If it did, most likely it would scare me.


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